Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Food & Wine Finds: September 17, 2010

Once again, it's Friday and I haven't posted a recipe all week. I sort of feel like a slacker, but in my defense, I just got back from San Antonio on Wednesday. That's a good excuse, right?? No? Well, maybe these food and wine links will help...

The Top Chef finale. What can I say (without revealing the winner's name for those of you who DVR like me)?? It was a completely shocking decision, and one that I certainly didn't see coming (neither did he. Padma: "You are Top Chef." The winner: "I am??") Please Pack Your Knives and Go has a recap, and it's clear they're just as befuddled at the judge's decision as I was (when the winner was declared, I shrieked "WHAT???" in an octave which can only be heard by dogs).

Turns out Bravo accidentally revealed the winner a little early. Whoops.

Oh, and apparently some other show called "Master Chef" had a finale as well, and - get this - pulled in TWICE the number of viewers as Top Chef. Now, I know plenty of people who watch Top Chef, but I've yet to be pulled aside by anyone who's eager to discuss last night's Master Chef episode with me. Do any of you watch this show?? I'm skeptical.

Groupon has recently announced it's coming to Des Moines. I'm pretty excited to start receiving e-mails with daily deals, but this article makes it sound like Groupon might not be very rewarding for restaurants.

Name this movie: "You have a baby! In a bar!" Turns out the baby-in-a-bar phenomenon is real, and it's growing. Read this New York Times article, then tell me what you think of it. 

I harbor a not-so-secret dream to become a food trucker. I even have a name, a menu, and a strategy all formulated and ready to go. All I'm missing now is, well, the truck. This Q&A with a food trucker on Serious Eats definitely gave me pause, but my dream still lives on.

France: the greatest country in the world? You may think so after you've read this article on self-serve wine tanks in French grocery stores. Le sigh. Tres jealous.

Finally, reading this burger lab article on Serious Eats makes me want to make a gallon of this cheese sauce and drink it. Or maybe dip things in it first. Whichever.

That's all for today. Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. You want to do a food truck, I've always wanted a bus for tailgating. I think that we should combine dreams here.

    Re: Top Chef Winner. They completely ignored the rest of the season and based is solely on the final meal, which meant that the stupid one who skated by all season and did nothing really well until the final course of the final meal is the new Top Chef. Lame.

  2. Hmmm, babies in bars? No! Who wants to relax with a cocktail with a screaming kid around?
    A bathroom would be a problem!!