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I Scream, You Scream... I finally get my ice cream maker. Just not exactly the way I imagined it.
Girl Scout Cookie Snackdown Samoas vs. Caramel DeLites? It's not even a fair fight.
Herbs! Herbs! Herbs! Fresh herbs - it's finally spring!

Friday Food & Wine Finds Archives of my weekly roundups 
August 27, 2010 Creative wine bottle opening, a five-star restaurant in rural Iowa, celebrity food endorsements, Tom Douglas, sushibomb, seafood, can lights, and a Snooki burger
August 20, 2010 In honor of Des Moines Restaurant Week, I list my top ten restaurants and what I would order at each
August 13, 2010 Next Food Network Star, Pop-Tarts, underpaid chefs, cheese wedding cakes, beer, beer, and more beer
August 6, 2010 Shipping pallet dining table, barbecued chicken, farmer's markets, Julia Child, sharing at the dinner table.
July 30, 2010 Kevin Gillespie, sushi, bacon ice cream, DIY barstools, trducken, ranch dressing, water.
July 23, 2010 cardboard tube wine rack, Top Chef blog, cupcake stands, Smashburger, Gourmet Magazine, Starbucks.