Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Food & Wine Finds: August 6

Happy Friday! It's time for another roundup of my latest finds, articles, and creative kitchen inspiration. I'm sticking to "Friday Food and Wine Finds" for now, though I think it lacks a little creativity. Naturally, suggestions are still welcome if you come up with a better idea!

Tonight, Des Moines is hosting this fabulous-looking al fresco dinner prepared by notable local chefs. Of course, it comes with an equally fabulous price tag, but it looks incredible and I would LOVE to go. Maybe next year! 

Building on last week's post on DIY barstools, check out this dining table made from shipping pallets. I am really taken with this idea... so taken that I am currently fighting the temptation to grab a pallet and build one myself.

I subscribe to too many magazines, which I never get around to reading until I'm traveling and have some serious airplane time to kill. I just finally read my July issue of Food & Wine this week, and I'm now obsessed with this barbecued chicken recipe from Tim Love. I'm not a big chicken person, but this recipe looks so, so good.  I truly can't wait to try it!

This piece on the Bon Appetit website decries aggressive shoppers at farmer's markets. I don't think we have many shoppers like this at the Des Moines farmer's market, but it still made me laugh. You'll laugh too... that is, if you're a curmudgeon who hates babies. Don't worry, I won't judge you.

Julia Child's birthday is August 15. To celebrate, I'm planning to dig out Julia's cookbooks and make several of her recipes next week. The cooking channel is celebrating too - check out this post if you'd like to join the fun!

When dining out, passing your plate clockwise around the table is the restaurant custom de riguer in my family. I understand not everyone enjoys sharing like we do, but this article claims the entire practice is pretentious and silly. I couldn't disagree more. What do you think?


  1. It is Monday and I am finally reading this! Busy weekend!

    Pretentious? I can not understand why one would care if a family enjoyed sharing meals. We do not bother the server for extra plates, no fear of germs in our family!
    I may watch Julie and Julia again in her memory.

  2. Okay, the only thing pretentious and silly is that blogger. I could understand making a case for selfishly wanting an entire plate (eggs benedict at Dry Dock come to mind...), but why would you pass up the opportunity to enjoy multiple items on a menu at once? One word comes to mind when explaining this "author" at BA: idiot.