Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Food & Wine Finds: August 27

Hi everyone! I'm off to Kansas City today, but thought I'd throw together a quick round of food & wine finds before I go. By the way, I keep hearing conflicting opinions - really, what's the best barbecue in Kansas City? Arthur Bryant's or Oklahoma Joe's? I know Anthony Bourdain is a big Oklahoma Joe's fan, which tends to sway me. Let me know in the comments if you feel otherwise (or if you have any other fun KC recommendations for me).

And now on to the fun!

I now realize there are tons of videos out there of people doing this, but I hadn't seen it until today. This blows my mind. Do you think it works with heels??

I'm totally trying it next time I open a bottle of wine, even though I'm certain I'll break something. (Maybe I'll try it outside just to be safe.)

The Des Moines Register's restaurant critic just published her first five-star review since 2004. The problem: it's not in Des Moines. All the same, I've been hearing this chef's name for awhile and I'd imagine this restaurant is totally worth the drive... even if it is 185 miles away.

I highly enjoyed this slideshow of the most ridiculous celebrity food endorsements of all time. Embarrassingly enough, I actually remember Mr. T cereal.

Everyone's favorite Seattle restaurateur Tom Douglas has opened a new "snackbar" near Pike's Place Market. I love each and every one of his restaurants, and this one, described as a "raw bar crossed with a takeout joint," is sure to be no exception. I'll be in Seattle in October... guess where I'm heading first??

I keep hearing about this Des Moines Sushibomb event taking place in September. A $40 ticket gets you 2 beers, a t-shirts, chopsticks, and 12 pieces of sushi. That's right, 12 pieces. For $40. While I appreciate that several sushi restaurants are joining forces for this event, and I'm sure it'll be fun, I just don't get it. I'd rather just go to Miyabi 9 and eat a whole meal of sushi for about half the price. Am I missing something here?? Really, I can't figure it why a $40 admission fee is a draw, unless all the proceeds are going to a charity of some sort (which I don't believe they are).

Avoiding Gulf seafood because of the oil spill? You'll think twice after reading this terrific, thoughtful piece.

These are the cutest hanging lights in the world. But I don't think they match my house... or any house I'll ever own. I'm still allowed to like them, though.

And just for fun... a Washington, DC restaurant is offering a Snooki burger with one fried pickle for each of her arrests. They had me at "marinated in tequila and desperation." There never was a more apt description.

That's it for this week... happy Friday!

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